Few activities in the community have so many benefits as the simple act of volunteering, and it really is simple because anyone with time to spare can do it.

You don’t need experience, qualifications or bags of confidence. All you need is enthusiasm and an interest in learning.

You’ll meet new people, gain useful skills and have a positive impact on your community. In fact you’ll soon realise just how much you have to offer and that alone will improve your self-belief and enjoyment of life.

You might be unemployed, retired, raising children, caring for someone, feeling depressed or just keen to try something new. Whatever your circumstances, volunteering can get you out of a rut and open up work, education and social possibilities. It’s a chance to make a difference to your own life and to your community in just a few hours a week.

We provide volunteering opportunities in a wide range of areas so you can try a variety of roles such as:

  • growing plants, fruit and vegetables
  • food preparation and cooking
  • general catering and cleaning
  • customer service
  • clerical and administration
  • befriending and supporting learners
  • running arts and craft classes

Perhaps you fancy working outdoors growing produce in the allotment or creating colourful flower beds in the gardens. Maybe you want to prepare or serve food in the café, support people in our arts and craft classes or gain practical work experience to help you find a job, it’s entirely up to you.

We welcome people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds!

So if you like the idea of getting involved in our community projects, please get in touch and let us know.

You can telephone, email or drop in to see us.